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License and Captain Policy

November 23, 2020 by David Kisamfu

Do renters need a Licence to rent a Boat?

One of the most frequently asked questions before booking a boat with Gotothewater is “Do I need a license to rent a boat”? Whether it’s your first time on the water or you are a life-long sailor, renting a boat with Gotothewater and setting off along the coast of your dream destination is one of the ultimate holiday experiences.

At Gotothewater it is up to the boat owner to list the boat whether with a captain or without a captain, which means we accept to list two types of boats which are:

  • Boats with Captain
  • Boats without Captain.

Boats with Captain:

Boats with Captain are types of boats available on Gotothewater where the boat owner includes a captain and optional crew to be in command of the boat and provide extras such as food preparations and general boat cleanness.

Boats without Captain:

Boats without Captain are the type of boats whereby boat owner doesn’t include a captain and optional crew to be in command, so the renter will do all the captain work, however in order to book this kind of boat you must have a license which should be summited to the boat owner to verify before processing payment. In most countries, if you want to rent a boat, you’ll need an internationally recognized boat licence, such as ICC, CEVNI, or Radio licence. You can usually fill out an ICC application if you have a licence from your home country, attach it to boat owner email whereby he or she will send to you or you might find in boat owner profile with proof of your current licence to receive an ICC certificate, with the copy of that email to Gotothewater via our special email [email protected]

Requirements for a boat license can vary from boat to boat. To determine what kind of license you will need, the best way is to ask the boat owner you book with.

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