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July 13, 2021

The Future


Do you want to change the world with us?

Gotothewater Technologies Limited is the next big thing.

Here is some quick simple math to get you fired up:

Launch date: On average around 10 boats listed. By the 2nd week, daily bookings average forecasted to be at @$100 per boat = $1000 per day.

Our commission is a flat 12.5% translating to $125 before tax daily.

Now that’s the lowest estimate with a lot of assumptions. The reality, most Catamarans, for instance, charge way above $1000 for a full day charter. Also, they earn more when they do multiple charters in a day. When that happens, it’s good business for both the boat owners and our platform.

Now imagine a growing global presence.
By SEPTEMBER 2021, we’ll have at least 100 boats on the platform (not concrete yet but plans are in motion for Spain, Eastern Europe, Dubai, South Africa, Asia, and North America.)

100 boats alone, with the same average revenue of $100 per day per boat, that’s $10K, translating to a commission of $1250 a day before tax.

Now, the reality is, the market has over 25 million boats just sitting idle. Imagine if we capture just 10% of that by Y3. 2.5 million boats. Even if each boat earns just $10 a day. We’ll be making over 12.5% of $25mn a day. 😉

10% too much? Then let’s talk about 1% of 25 million boats. That’s 250k boats. Say, we go lower to 100k. Let’s keep average transactions of just $100 per boat per day.

$100 x 100,000 = $10,000,000
12.5% = $1,250,000 DAILY


In a year, that’s $456,250,000 from commissions alone (before tax).

Aren’t you fired up already?
Now is not the time to build magical castles in the air, but to work towards the vision of responsibly sending everyone to the waters every day.

Let’s work together towards attaining real momentum.

Way forward?
We are working towards raising capital. We need to cover both CAPEX & OPEX for now, which we expect will grow exponentially when we go global. Starting and growing a business is difficult. There will be challenges, we are aware of that. We are also aware that we are currently only working on assumptions. That’s just how it works.

What if you want to invest NOW?
Our doors are open for early birds. We are exploring all our options. Send us your proposal by email to [email protected]

Aren’t you EXCITED?
We are too! Let’s go to the water! By now, if the idea makes any sense to you, I advise you not to let it pass you. We are open for questions. Follow us on social media for updates @gotothewater. Let’s engage.

Karibuni sana.

David Kisamfu

NOTE: Screenshot a SUDOKU win on, post it on Instagram and tag @gotothewater and you stand a chance to win a FREE TICKET for Melanin in the Sun, July 31st 2021, Slipway Marina, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Terms and Conditions apply.

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One thought on “The Future

  • Nelson
    on July 13, 2021

    You go brother


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